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Downers Grove North Wolfpack

Downers Grove Wolfpack Basketball is a 4th–8th grade boys and girls community feeder basketball program.  We are dedicated to serving players who will be future Downers Grove North student/athletes. For over 25 years our mission has been to provide an enriching youth basketball organization, supporting growth of skills, fundamental concepts and teamwork through physical training and competitive play.  Wolfpack strives to be more than just basketball teaching values of respect, sportsmanship, dedication and hard work.

Why Wolfpack

  • Almost every member of the 2023, 4th Place in State, DGN Boys basketball team played for Wolfpack.
  • Every team member from the 21 win, 2023 DGN Girls Basketball team played for Wolfpack.
  • Access to DGN facilities, coaches, and HS players throughout the season.
  • Wolfpack Alum, Max Haack ('23): "We just keep saying we were a bunch of 4th grade Wolfpack kids. We would've never expected doing something like this. So being able to go on this run with your friends and your boys, and to be able to come back at the end of the day and realize and look back at the memories, it's awesome".

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Wolfpack Admin

Wolfpack Update!

We want to welcome Vince Doran and Elliott Engleman to the Wolfpack Family! Vince will be responsible for training the boy's and Elliott the girl's.  We are extremely excited to have them both in our program.

Vince Doran

"I was the Head Coach at York Community High School for eight years; won five regionals and played in five Jack Tosh Championship Games; winning three.  I was inducted as a player into the Elmhurst College Hall of Fame and also inducted as a player into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.  I'm really looking forward to working and developing basketball skills for all of the players in the Wolfpack Program." - Vince Doran   

Elliott Englemann

"My name is Elliot Engelmann and I am thankful to have coached so many student-athletes with Power Through Basketball. I started PTB in March of 2018 because I wanted to help share the knowledge I learned on my basketball journey with players that want to be challenged to achieve their best on and off the court.

For as long as I can remember, basketball has been a huge focal point for my personal development. Basketball taught me many life skills that have been sharpened on and off the court.   Focus, communication, hard work, and teamwork are crucial life skills that basketball helped instill in me.  Those skills provided me with opportunities throughout my professional career.

Collectively the Wolfpack girls program, Coach Bolt, and the Power Through Basketball team will provide individual skill development opportunities that will help players find some success in games.  We will also help teach the game of basketball as a whole.  I expect each player to be ready to be coached about opportunities and be willing to fail!  All players will compete against themselves and their teammates.  Learning how to compete is an essential skill that translates to more than basketball.

Go Wolfpack!" - Elliott Englemann